Casino Strategy

Many casinos offer bonus systems and great bonuses when you play with a lot of money. Besides the start bonuses offer most internet casinos a bonus depending on the initial amount that you bet on them. These bonuses range from 100 to 200% and vary by casino (to $ 100).

Some casinos are lower but some even go up to 300%! That means you get 3x the amount of money that you have used, and all for free! Casino Tropez, one of the most popular casinos on the Internet, provides a starting bonus of $ 15 and a bonus depending on your use of 200%.

Casino, which you can guess Europe has as its theme, which gives 200% to a maximum of $ 100! King Solomon's Casino gives you up to $ 2,000 in free play money!

You get a bonus according to your use of 150% on your first deposit up to a maximum of $ 1,200 me a bonus according to your use of 200% to 800% on your second deposit! This is a great offer if your budget allows. Spin Palace is another good choice.

Their start bonus is 100% on $ 100, not very spectacular, but once you wandering in the casino do regularly win a Magic Strike of $ 50 that is randomly given away. They also have a bonus of $ 1,000 and 60 minutes in which you can win if you can! Much offers a great start bonus of 300% to $ 300! Make sure you find a casino that has graphics that suit you, one that makes you feel that you are standing in the middle of the action!

For us it is so common today surf the Internet from your computer and do it from a mobile device such as tablet computers or smart phones. In fact it may be more common from the latter and it is estimated that in the near future there will be more people accessing the web from them than from computers.