Online Dice Games

Trying to give a brief guide craps strategies is like trying to teach calculus quickly. The 99% of the time not able to do anything is very difficult! Try it anyway. Let me give you the strategy I use for almost everything.

Take advantage of the best opportunities you can, try to work in your favor and play smart. In craps the best odds in the table are pass, do not pass, come and do not come, as these options give the house less advantages. Anything else is for the impatient, reckless or talented - all are fools if you ask me.

Numbers people say on a Pass bet gives the house an advantage of 1.41%. And pass not only provides less than 1.40% to the house. These are the online betting and they are the heart of the strategy of winning as any other house gives too much gain.

See what I mean? The game of craps (dice) is just that, dice and percentages. The smart money gives the slightest advantage possible and this means pass / no pass to 1.4%. This article deals with these odds and how to improve. while we're at it, it's worth bearing in mind that the stakes to come and not come with the same logic and probabilities. The only difference with them is when they are made.

These are in addition to the original bet after input shot and why it improves your original bet because the casino has no advantage in the odds. That's right, zero for the house.

The only thing which you are betting against the dice are. You could spend a long time looking at the green velvet table trying to find the odds of each bet and the truth is not marked.