Play Keno Online

This version of Keno can also play for real money at online casinos. Here you can pay with ideal, the ideal minimum deposit is 20 euros. Instead of playing with ideal keno you can also play with the phone Keno, this is from 10 cents per draw and has a minimum deposit of 40 euro cents (one call from a minute).

Keno play with ideal has the advantage that you get a bonus amount at the online casino. This is nothing but free money that you assigned as a new player (kind of promotion). You get 100% of your deposit amount as a bonus to the amount of 100 euros. The only disadvantage is that you have a minimum deposit of 20 euros you. Keno with ideal If you would.

When the ten numbers you have chosen price from three good numbers, you win 50% of the insert with keno games. With four good numbers you been playing quits after which it rises very quickly. Outside EURO 50 000 from 10 balls well chosen more can you drag rates on hold, for example, what you thought of the Keno Jackpot who regularly goes out. The complete list of payouts per well chosen number you can see on the right of the field.

Left of the keno playing field, the History, this is the history of the number of rounds you played. Many Keno players draw conclusions from here and try to discover. A particular set My tip: Put on your nothing of the history, Keno balls are completely random, there is nothing to discover routine matins. The Jokers are occasionally drawn, this happens completely random. I once had five Jokers succession but also a half hours total without (that is not much). If a drawn during play Keno than is displayed behind the glass at the top of the cabinet. With five pieces (called wildcard) you get a free round which there is paid double. Note: joker has also chosen a good song and just falls on imported by your numbers.