Playing Baccarat Online

Baccarat has gained loyal fans not only in Europe but also in Russia. During the reign of Peter ll it was a favorite amusement of the court. It is known that Catherine was a passionate ll not only men, but also gambling. Rumor has it that she often played baccarat with his minions, only their stakes in a decent society to speak is not accepted. Nicholas l not only for baccarat whiled away the evening, but also gave some clues court. For example, the style of his game could determine the true relation to a particular opponent.

After the conquest of Europe and Russia, baccarat headed for America. And there she was accompanied by a resounding success. To start with exciting entertainment conquered South America, and after closing the casino, migrated to the United States.In the first half of the 20th century baccarat with difficulty, but still won the attention of the secular community. Cunning Americans to attract more players, extremely simplified the rules and come up with a mini-baccarat.

Not the last role in the dissemination and popularization of baccarat became a spy novel "Casino Royale" in 1953, whose protagonist is an avid fan of this game. And the world famous bondiane baccarat play all aristocrats and members of high society.

Agree, everyone at least once in your life to feel like James Bond. This does not necessarily grab the gun with infinite bullets and destroy enemies flee, freeing the path pretty ladies. One need only open any you liked the online casino and make the first bet. Since then, how tightly internet came into our lives, feel aristocrat or James Bond everyone can. Unfortunately, the online casinos offer only cash rate and feel like Catherine ll deal a bit problematic. For the rest, it all depends on your wishes and good luck.

Baccarat rules are simple: the game uses 52 cards, usually it participates 8 decks. Goal of the game - a total sum score points cards equal to nine.Each card - its worth. Cards 2 through 9 are valued at their nominal value. 10 and figures (Jack, Queen and King) evaluated at zero, and Ace is 1. Any amount of points exceeding dvyat, is considered a defeat.