Texas Holdem Poker

Banking or Bankroll is the amount of money that poker players can risk without allowing it to seriously affect their private economy and therefore your lifestyle if you can lose. In the case of professional poker, your tool is working and if they lose, they may be forced to have to find another activity.

The vast majority of professional poker players, they know by heart and respect this concept, we can not ethnos with the bankroll, which means that everyone has the bank you have and in relation to this may or may not play depends to limits within the range of possibilities and levels that exist in the game of poker .

Above all and at first the players often fall into the trap of thinking that playing directly at high levels, can win a grand prize that will give the bank need to live poker, wrong thinking, since there is precisely the problem with many players who fail to advance in this career. They get at levels too high to bear his humble as bankroll and lose in any event, are without it, so it can no longer participate.

To prevent this from happening, before anything else and it is advisable first to understand that you need to enter tournaments or tables that our bankroll we allow.

In games with fixed limit, you will usually have at least 300 big blinds and if we add the multi-table play, then we should think about 1000 big blinds. In case of no-limit play, the big blind will be 1000 and if we MITT on a big blinds 3000-4000.

This is so that when we play and we lose not lose the possibility to play again in future sessions. Among the possibilities that exist not to get into a slump, as normal always win.